Scanning A Signature

I recently read an article over at Productivity501 about scanning your signature into your computer, so you could easily attach it to documents.  This can be incredibly handy when it comes to signing files and sending them back.  You won’t even need to print it out in most cases – just insert the image, and align it where you need a signature.  This is also incredibly handy if you use an online fax service, which I have been looking into extensively as of late in the interests of a “paperless” office.

One of the biggest objections that many people have to the scanned signature concept is that of privacy and security – what if someone gets their hand on my signature?  Think about it from this perspective:  You sign so many papers that if someone really wanted to, they would find a way to get your signature.  Public documents contain signatures, and the pages can be copied for usually under a quarter!  Security of your signature can be a real farce!

What’s your opinion?  Would you scan your signature to save time?

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2 comments to Scanning A Signature

  • Trevor Wendt  says:

    How do you do this?

  • Drew  says:

    Not too hard. Sign a plain white sheet of paper with a dark black pen or a black sharpie. Put it on a flat bed scanner with another sheet of plain white paper behind it, and scan it in. Then you can crop it and resize in any graphic editing application. Saves me a lot of time.

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