IT Hub and IBM Heading to Key Center

After Delaware North Cos relocates its headquarters to 250 Delaware Avenue in late-2015, the south tower of Key Center will not be empty very long as it has been selected as the site of the Buffalo IT Innovation and Commercialization Hub by The State, which IBM has agreed to anchor with 500 new jobs.

The new site will be developed by New York State’s Fort Schuyler Management Corporation (FSMC) who is working with McGuire Development Company for this project. Seven property owners submitted proposals for the project throughout downtown and the Larkin District. The south tower’s office space will be purchased by the state, turning it into a commercial condominium.

Per the agreement, the tower needs 100,000 contiguous square feet before October 1, 2015 that must be made available for completion of the entirety of its improvements as soon as possible according to the request for proposals released in April. Apart from it, the property must be able to accommodate between 50,000 and 100,000 square feet of expansion space for purcahse by FSMC.

To read the full details, please click the link below.

[Buffalo Rising]

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