Construction Watch: Club Utica Renovation

Club Utica

PUSH Buffalo’s Buffalo Neighborhood Stabilization Company has started working on an aggressive plan to renovate and/or building 46 new units of affordable housing in its Green Development Zone centered along Massachusetts Avenue.

A renovation of the former Club Utica building at 527 W. Utica Street at Braytown is already underway.

A laundry room. a community room including several offices behind two commercial spaces fronting W. Utica will be included in the two-story building. Constructed on the second floor will be a pair of one-bedroom apartments and a two-bedroom unit.

The 6,600 sq.ft. building was purchased for $33,000 by Buffalo Neighborhood Stabilization Company in April 2012.

The other affordable housing, the Massachusetts Avenue Community Homes project, will start work shortly. It involves new construction of 28 rental units and rehabilitation of 18 rental units in 16 buildings along Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Chenango, Sherwood, Normal, 14th, 19th, and W. Utica streets.

It was announced that the funding will come from three different programs within HCR and that it is part of the united funding application process. The Low-Income Housing Trust Fund Program will provide loans totaling $2,332,189. $849,052 will come from Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, and $333,511 will come from State Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.

[Buffalo Rising]

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