Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries! (Plus More Tips For Winter)

It’s that time of year again.  We’re about to “fall back” and gain an extra hour in our day.  In addition to changing your clocks, PLEASE be sure to change your batteries and TEST all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Replace units over 5 years old.  Replace any unit that has been painted over.  And replace any unit that appears damaged, or does not test properly.

Here are a couple other things you should be considering, as we enter the winter season here in Buffalo:

1.  Have your furnace serviced.  Don’t just change the filter!  Have the unit cleaned, the thermocouple checked, be sure the pilot is lit, be sure the unit is operational, and have your heat exchanger checked for cracks.  A cracked heat exchanger can expel deadly carbon monoxide gas!
2.  Turn off the interior gate to any exterior faucets, and drain them.  Wrap the outside faucet with foam or insulation to protect it.
3.  Wrap hot water tanks with an insulated blanket specifically designed for hot water tanks to conserve energy.
4.  Wrap your pipes that may be prone to freezing.

Remember, being proactive now can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in costly repairs, or even your life!

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