3 Simple Ways To Improve Service To Your Clients


Real estate agents are always striving to improve the level of service they provide to clients.  Every thing that they do that the competition doesn’t do makes them stand out that much more.  But what about the basic things that often get overlooked, and lead to an early breakdown in the service provided to clients?  Take a look at this list of 3 little things that improve service to clients, with minimal effort necessary to the real estate agent:

1.  Your MLS listing should have more than one photo. And the photos should be quality! The number of listings on the MLS system here in Buffalo with only one photo is ridiculous.  How can you possibly begin to provide quality service to a client with only one photo of the front of a property?  Even if a seller doesn’t want to have photos of the inside of the house taken, there are still 4 sides to a house!  What about the pool, garage, yard, etc?  The quality of photos is also important.  Lights should be on, and window blinds should (optimally) be open when photos are taken.  The MLS is generally your first impression to other real estate agents and their clients.  Making sure that you have multiple, quality photos will set you apart from many!

2.  Your MLS listing should have a well written description. Once again, this is a common complaint that I have about the Buffalo region MLS.  Agents will often produce a non-descriptive one or two line “descriptopn” that does not help sift through property.  If you have trouble finding the right words, keep a file on your computer, and when you come across a well written description that makes YOU, as a real estate agent, want to see a house, then copy it, along with the MLS number, so that you can reuse the juicy parts of it later.  Is this sneaky or unethical?  I don’t feel that it is, because providing a better service to the client also provides a better service to other real estate agents.  I also wrote an article on key words for marketing an apartment, but many of them also apply to the MLS.  Once again, the MLS is generally your first impression to other real estate agents and their clients, so you want to have a high quality description to entice showings.

3.  Be sure to get feedback on showings. When another agent calls to set up a showing, make sure you get their name and number, as well as the time that they went.  The next day, give them a call and ask what their client thought of the property.  Ask specific questions about what they liked, what they didn’t like, and what they felt showed well as well as what needs to be changed.  Giving this feedback to your client will help you service them better, and in turn, help you sell the property!

Being a great agent starts with the basics.  Did these tips help you?  Do you have any other suggestions?  Let me know with a comment!

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