2015 City of North Tonawanda Tax Foreclosure Auction Results

city-of-north-tonawanda-nyOn June 6, 2015 the City of North Tonawanda, New York held it’s annual public auction of properties that have been foreclosed on due to tax arrears.  A total of 15 properties were sold at the auction.

In addition to the North Tonawanda offerings, the former Off Track Betting location at 1518 Pine Ave in Niagara Falls, NY was also offered up for public auction.

Note: Properties do not change hands until the transaction has officially closed.  These were the winning bids.

632 Parkway Ave, empty lot, $25.00
1249 River Rd, empty lot, $9,250.00
1271 Greenbrier Ln, single family, Redeemed prior to sale
74 Felton St, single family, $25,000.00
31 Fifteenth Ave, empty lot, $800.00
47 Fifteenth Ave, single family, 51 Fifteenth Ave, vacant lot, and 55 Fifteenth Ave, vacant lot, $25,000.00 total for all 3
63 Eighth Ave, two family, $26,000.00
161 Cramer St, vacant lot, $500.00
92 Robinson St, single family, $6,000.00
191 Miller St, single family, $13,000.00
491 Payne Ave, single family, Redeemed prior to sale
541 East Schenck St, residential, 547 East Schenck St, residential (multiple structures), $36,000.00 for both
270 Payne Ave, two family, Redeemed prior to sale
716 Sweeney St, single family, $95,000.00
437 Kohl St, single family, $16,000.00
5 Spencer St, vacant lot, $2,000.00
274 Miller St, single family, Redeemed prior to sale
33 North Marion St, two family, $25,000.00
562 East Goundry St, single family, $30,000.00

1518 Pine Ave, Niagara Falls, commercial, No sale

Click to view the Auction Catalog with more information about each property.

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