2015 City of North Tonawanda Tax Foreclosure Auction Results (December Auction)

city-of-north-tonawanda-nyOn December 5, 2015 the City of North Tonawanda, New York held it’s public auction of properties that have been foreclosed on due to tax arrears.  A total of 7 properties were sold at the auction.

This was actually the second auction in North Tonawanda this year.

Note: Properties do not change hands until the transaction has officially closed.  These were the winning bids.

1694 Forbes St, single family, $62,500.00
532 Fredericka St, lot, $100.00
38 First Ave, single family, pulled before auction

71 First Ave, single family, $20,000.00
343 Robinson St, single family, $36,000.00
444 Schenck St, single family, $39,000.00
28 Hagen Ave, lot, $100.00
169 Rumbold Ave, single family, pulled before auction
229 Roycroft Dr, single family, $51,000.00

Click to view the Auction Catalog with more information about each property.

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