2015 City of Lockport Tax Foreclosure Auction Results

city-of-lockport-nyOn November 17, 2015,  the City of Lockport, New York held it’s annual public auction of properties that have been foreclosed on due to tax arrears.  A total of 19 properties were sold at the auction.

One interesting thing about the City of Lockport auction is that they provided time for walk through inspections on several of the properties.  This is not something that is typical in most municipalities.  In addition, the building inspections department was on hand at the auction to help answer questions based on what information they had about the property.

Note: Properties do not change hands until the transaction has officially closed.  These were the winning bids.

14 Glenwood Ave, single family, $5,500.00
57 Hill St, 20 Glenwood Ave, 22 Glenwood Ave, 24 Glenwood Ave, vacant lots, $325.00 per lot
165 North Adam St, single family, $5,000.00
114 Prentice St, single family, $9,500.00
67 Scovell St, single family, $4,000.00
214 South St, single family, $6,500.00
50 Hyde Park, single family, 52 Hyde Park, vacant lot, $27,500.00 total for both
33 Marshall Pl, single family, $6,500.00
168 Grand St, single family, $7,000.00
19 Allen St, single family, $6,000.00
92 Locust St, single family, $4,500.00
229 Washburn St, single family, $7,500.00
49 Columbia St, single family, $9,750.00
43 Price St, single family, $6,250.00
62 Trowbridge St, 2 family, redeemed prior to auction

Click to view the auction catalog along with more information about each property.

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