Thinking Ahead: Resumes


For those of you whom are getting ready to graduate college, or still have some time to go, you may want to consider taking the time to put together a solid resume to send to potential employers when the time comes.  You have a lot of resources available to you right now (Career Development office for instance) to help you fine tune your resume, and get noticed by employers when the time comes.

This doesn’t exempt the rest of the work force!  With our recent economy, I know that there are a more than a few people out there  searching for employment.  Keeping your resume up to date will help you get focused quickly after a job loss.  Even if you are “secure” in your job, you should always keep feelers out there to see if there is a better opportunity waiting for you somewhere on the horizon.

There is a great article at Dumb Little Man that discusses building a top notch resume.  About the only item on their list that I disagree with is removing your postal address.  I would consider that a pertinent piece of pedigree information, not one that I would omit from my resume.

The bottom line on this issue?  By having a solid resume, and taking the time to update it regularly (10 minutes every 6 months!), you put yourself in a much better position than someone struggling to get their act together when it comes down to it.

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