Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret

When Seinfeld first started airing on NBC, Jerry was still a touring comic.  In order to make sure that he was always flush with new material, he forced himself to write every single day.  In order to track himself, and keep him motivated never to skip a day, he came up with a calendar system.  Long story short, every day that he wrote, he got to put a big red X in that day on the calendar.  Soon the Xs became a chain, and Jerry was then determined to never let the chain break, and thus he developed the habit to write every day.

I’ve taken the same concept and applied it to my business, using a spreadsheet.  Every day that I prospect for new business, write an article on my blog, or any of a number of daily tasks, I get to put the X on the spreadsheet to keep the chain growing.  It’s ridiculously simple, didn’t cost me anything, and keeps me motivated to stay focused.  If I miss a day, I highlight it in yellow just to draw attention to it.  The less yellow, the better!

Read more over at [LifeHacker].

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