Framing Your Reality


Recently I’ve been working on a new technique called “framing your reality”. The basic concept of framing your reality is taking something you would normally find negative and reframing it into a positive light. After you frame something positively, you have the power to influence those around you with the way you view things.

A popular example of this is confidence. Many people lack confidence in themselves, which makes it difficult to do things like ask for a raise or promotion, approach people in a position of power, or even approach a member of the opposite sex. Looking at themselves in a negative light, they will walk into a situation such as asking for a raise in all the wrong ways. For instance, they may slouch, look at the ground, beat around the bush, but most importantly, they wont get what they want.

Let’s reframe this reality. If they walk into the same situation, but thinking about how they deserve the raise or promotion, how confident they are that they are an asset to the company, they will subconsciously change the way they act. They will look their boss on the eye, stand strong, speak confidently, and more often than not they will get the raise or promotion they were after.

Framing your reality, and influencing those around you with your actions, can have a positive effect on not only you, but those around you. It takes some practice to get in the habit of doing this continually, but once you have it down, you can really change your outlook on life.

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One comment to Framing Your Reality

  • Kate  says:

    This is a lot like what I do in counseling sometimes. Reframing and helping people see their situation from a different point of view in order to improve outcomes.

    Of course I need to learn to follow my own counseling awesomeness and reframe my own negatives in to positives :)

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