Exercise As A Cure For Depression?

Depression can be alleviated through exercise. According to Dr. Lynette Craft and Dr. Frank Perna from their 2004 research review, “While the mechanisms underlying the antidepressant effects of exercise remain in debate, the efficacy of exercise in decreasing symptoms of depression has been well established.” Also, studies have suggested that exercise works better than antidepressant drugs.

Why don’ depressed individuals just take a few Zumba classes and call it a day? Unfortunately, hitting the gym isn’t that easy for those 14.8 million adults that are affected by depression each year.

Anyone who has ever suffered from depression knows that the battle that they need to face is getting started on a workout regimen. Fatigue, psychomotor agitation and marked loss of interest in pleasurable activities are some symptoms of major depressive disorder. Depression patients have to fight against feeling tired, distraught and apathetic. Working out starts to seem more like an annoyance to them than a cure.

Nevertheless, exercise still works. For more information on how exercise helps fight depression, check out the link below.

[Mind Body Green]

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