Update on Skype

Back in December, I wrote an article on my switch to Skype for my calls made while at my desk, to cut back on the number of cell phone minutes I was burning through each month.  After calculating savings, I realized I was saving $631.70 per year by going with a VoIP provider as opposed to Verizon.  At the time I was using a headset connected to my desktop.  Since then, I’ve gotten a bit more technologically advanced.

I recently came across a product put out by D-Link, which plugs into the USB port on my computer and allows me to make Skype calls from a normal phone!  In addition, if I had a regular phone line, I could plug that in as well which would allow me to make and recieve phone calls from either line.  The ability to use a regular phone is something that I did miss, but with the addition of the DPH-50U, I have added a lot of versatility to my office.  You can use any regular phone with this device.  I purchased mine at NewEgg.com, for $19.99 on sale, and there was no shipping cost.  In addition, there was a $10 mail in rebate which I took advantage of.

Overall, I would say that the call quality I have had has been very good.  I’ve had a couple calls fade out for a second, but the interruptions have been minimal at best.

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