Awaken to a New Idea

Light Bulb Idea

Have you ever been awakened to a new idea?Think about the last time you were in the market for something new, such as a car.You are probably exposed to 30 car ads every day, through the newspaper, tv, radio, billboards, advertisements on the sides of busses, and other places.Usually, these ads are easy to ignore.Your mind skips right over the advertisement, and your exposure is minimal.Now, you are looking for a new car.Suddenly, every car ad piques your interest.You are being awakened to the idea of purchasing a new car, and your mind is responding accordingly, by forcing you to absorb information on this new idea.

How can you use this to improve a presentation?

Keeping the idea of being awakened to a new idea in mind, you can use this information to your advantage.For instance, when you are giving a presentation, you may want to give a summary of all the points you are going to cover at the beginning.What you are doing is opening the mind to these new ideas.When you go to present the ideas you opened with, the information is more likely to be absorbed, because the individual is now open to the idea, whereas before they may not have been.This isn’t because they aren’t interested in your material.Their mind is just skimming over the information, because there isn’t a sticking point in their mind that says “I’m interested in this.”

Comment on this entry and tell me about an experience that awakened you to a new idea.

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One comment to Awaken to a New Idea

  • Kate  says:

    That’s one of the first things I learned in public speaking… to give a brief summary of what I would discuss before I actually went through it. It piques the interest, keeps people focused. It also helps to do this at the end too.

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