UB Ranks Second for SUNY Medical School Enrollment


According to a SUNY news release based on information gathered from the Association of American Medical Colleges, the leading destination for in-state residents seeking medical degrees are the SUNY schools.  More in-state residents chose SUNY medical schools over more costly private school options.

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Living in a Flood Plain Can Increases Your Insurance Rate!

flood plain properties increase insurance rate

Living in a flood zone is risky not just for your home, but can also impact your life. A flood can damage your home and property, and it will almost surely impact you financially.  Dealing with the stress of a flood also puts an intense emotional and potentially physical strain on you as the owner.

There are many factors that can cause flooding.  Some of these factors can be controlled, such as ensuring you have proper drainage systems that are free from debris.  Other factors are uncontrollable – severe rain fall, snow melt, hurricane force weather, and more.


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MAJOR Changes To PMI Requirements For FHA Mortgages

changes to pmi requirements for fha mortgages

Are you considering buying a home using an FHA mortgage?

Effective June 3, 2013, PMI (private mortgage insurance) will be required for the life of any FHA loan.

Currently, PMI disappears after 22% of the principal is paid on the home OR after 5 years, whichever is longer.

This new requirement will DRASTICALLY change the FHA mortgage program, pushing many potential buyers that much further from home ownership.

Some banks are offering programs that will cut the PMI with a larger down payment. Speak to your mortgage broker for more information.

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Discussions For The HSBC Tower Will Be Held This Week

hsbc tower

A panel of urban development leaders in met on Monday with a focus on downtown’s tallest office building – the HSBC Tower – and what direction to take the building in the future.

Approximately 40 members of the Urban Land Institute,  with members all over the country, have come to Buffalo to spend a few days visiting the 38-story, 851-thousand-square-foot tower to come up with a solution and use for the downtown icon.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Memory Through A Brain-Healthy Diet

Improve your memory with a brain-healthy diet

Have you been feeling more forgetful lately?  The solution could be as simple as changing your diet.  Several clinical studies have found specific dietary practices have a huge impact on improving the memory function of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as well as those who have mild cognitive impairment.

Alzheimer’s patients are not the only ones who can benefit from these dietary changes.  If you find yourself having problem remembering things then you should try eating these brain-healthy foods to improve your memory. Listed below are the 5 memory-boosting dietary recommendations based on the latest scientific research and clinical experience in treating those patients with Alzheimer’s as well as mild cognitive impairment.


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Brown, Paladino Accounce $75M Waterfront Project

Paladino's $75M waterfront project planned

Carl Paladino has been eyeing land near the Erie Basin Marina for a $75 million project bearing the name“The Carlo”.  The project name is an homage to Paladino’s grandfather.  Mayor Brown delivered news of the project on Friday afternoon during his State of the City address.

The proposed project will include Class A office space, apartments, a 138-room hotel, a spa and of course, restaurants.  For the second year in a row, Mayor Brown has announced major projects in the downtown region during his State of the City address.

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