Plaza Group takes title to Amherst site

A prominent, local real estate investor has recently purchased a small Millersport Highway building that was briefly owned by a First Niagara bank affiliate.

According to documents filed in the Erie County Clerk’s office, the 3,750-square-foot building at 392 Millersport Highway  has been acquired by a company that is headed by developer/investor Ron Alsheimer – Plaza One Group Inc. – for the price of $252,500.

First Niagara Rea...

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Revised Freight House headed back to Buffalo planners

The Buffalo Planning Board was presented with a slightly tweaked version of the Freight House Landing Project that was reviewed last January 28, 2014.

There were some minor changes from the revised plan including the initial plan of having four elevators down to two and moving the building a few feet more to the north.

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New Bill Regarding Foreclosures

Companion bills in have been introduced in both the New York State Senate and Assembly in a multi-pronged effort to reduce the increased number of real estate foreclosures.  These bills put more of an onus on banks and other financial institutions.

State Sen. Tim Kennedy, D-Buffalo, is pushing for the bills, which will require financial institutions to notify those property owners whom have fallen behind on mortgage payments of a number of resources, services, and agencies that they can work with to help that resolve their situation.

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What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?

Just a thought provoking video.

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5 Helpful Ways on How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Understanding how food, exercise and mental health can all have an effect on our overall happiness is part of what defines our wellness. Our metabolism is a large part of that overall picture. It is our duty to stay in touch with our bodies and be aware of what it is what they’re telling us. Some people have naturally fast metabolisms while some of us are just not as fortunate. There are, however, steps that can be taken to help improve your metabolism.

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Calamar’s Proposed Project For Lancaster Development

Calamar has been eyeing Lancaster to add to its senior housing portfolio with a  newly proposed project.  The developer is looking to construct a 145,000-square-foot complex on eight acres of vacant land located at the corner of Walden Avenue and Juniper Boulevard. This will eventually house 120 apartments for residents who are 55 years of age or older.

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