Safely Decorating Your WNY Home For The Holidays

Well, it’s officially December 1.  We ate all the turkey, we shopped for gifts, and now it’s time to turn to the coldest part of the year outdoors, and the warmest part of the year in our homes.  As we prepare to celebrate with our friends and family, be sure to do so responsibly.  Here are some holiday decorating tips to keep you safe:

Holiday lights can make a beautiful addition to any home.
1.  Be sure to use only lights approved by UL (Underwriter Laboratories) which will have a tag indicating as such on the cord near the ends.
2.  No more than 3 strings of lights should be strung together.  This prevents the wires from overheating.
3.  Check all the wires before using the strand to ensure the insulation is in tact and all bulbs are seated properly.

Candles bring a touch of ambiance and often times a pleasant scent to any room.
1.  Never leave burning candles unattended!
2.  When a candle is starting to burn low, discard it.  The heat build up can cause glass candle holders to fracture and break.
3.  Be mindful of where the hot wax will be dripping as the candles burn.
4.  NEVER place candles near trees, curtains, blankets, or other flammables.

Trees are often times the highlight of the season, but can be the most dangerous as well!
1.  If you are using a real tree, keep it properly watered and use a stand that won’t tip over.
2.  Choose a tree that has fresh, green needles that are not already falling from the tree.
3.  Never block an exit with a tree.
4.  Always turn lights out before leaving home, or going to bed.

This video, provided by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) shows the importance of a properly watered tree.

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    Just found your site – very helpful information…..I LOVE A CHRISTMAS STORY!!!!!

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