Drew’s Chocolate Truffles

I’m deviating from my normal posts about real estate and technology to bring you a recipe that was shared with me by another agent in my office.  Ashley, our office manager (and newest agent – congrats!) was raving about these truffles that she made this past weekend, and I finally broke down and made some last ngiht.

Needless to say, these are delicious – but beware – they are also very very rich.

What you need:
1 package of Oreo cookies (original regular stuff is fine, but feel free to choose other flavors if you want!)
1 8oz package of cream cheese (softened)
1 bag of chocolate chips – I used a chocolate and peanut butter chip mix for mine

Let’s do this!:
Place Oreo’s into large freezer bag so they are not stacked – one layer only.  leave some room around the edge of the bag.  Seal the bag, and roll the Oreo’s with a rolling pin until they are sufficiently crushed (the smaller the better).  Dump Oreo’s into large mixing bowl.

Add 1 package of softened cream cheese and combine thoroughly.  Dig right in with your hands – it never hurts to get a little dirty.  Once the mixture is combined thorougly, make roughly 1″ round balls, and place them on a cookie sheet.  I didn’t think to count how many balls we got out of our mixture, but there were plenty!  Place in fridge for 60 minutes so the balls “set”.

After 60 minutes,  or when balls have set, melt chocolate chips.  You may want to use a microwave, or a double boiler. Since I didn’t have a double boiler, I engineered one.  Use a large pot of hot water (NOT boiling) and a large mixing bowl that fit over the top of the pot.  The water SHOULD NOT touch the bottom of the bowl, because it will cause uneven heating and possibly burn the chocolate.  Using a bowl that covers the entire pot prevents steam from rising and getting into your chocolate.

Once chocolate is melted, take your balls from the fridge and run them through the chocolate, one at a time.  I used a spoon to roll and remove the balls from the chocolate, which worked pretty well.  Place the coated truffles back on the cookie sheet and put back into the fridge until the chocolate sets.  I checked after an hour and mine were set.

Once chocolate has set, remove from cookie tray and serve!  Truffles should be kept chilled (remember, the cream cheese!)  Photo was taken using my camera phone, so it isn’t the greatest quality, but you can see the finished project.

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One comment to Drew’s Chocolate Truffles

  • Ashley  says:

    Mmm delicious!! Thx for posting my new fav!

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