Happy Hedgie #2: Clean Cage Edition

Ok, so “every week or so” has become almost 3 weeks. Can’t win them all I guess. Eris loves it when clean cage time rolls around, not only because she gets new bedding, but because she gets to run around on my bed while I’m cleaning her cage. Pictures below the jump.

“But whyyyy are you waking me up?”

“Ok, I’m awake now.”

“I’m done, time to hide.”

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One comment to Happy Hedgie #2: Clean Cage Edition

  • Kate  says:

    Seriously, you are a happy hedgie slacker! The next time I forget Merlin Monday you are not allowed to yell at me :-p

    I <3 that last picture of Eris with her little hedgie bum sticking out. Too adorable.

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