Fantasy Football In The Workplace

The folks over at WiseBread have posted a really good article on how fantasy football affects the productivity in an office.  A few key points that I found interesting from the article:

  • Fantasy football costs corporate America an estimated $36.7 million daily on lost productivity.
  • The average manager spends 34 minutes a day just thinking about his team, NOT including time spent on the web changing their team around.
  • Now, multiply that figure per league!  I know my room mate is in 4 leagues this year.

It’s easy to see why corporate America is trying to put the brakes on one of the bigger time thieves of the season.  What are your thoughts?

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One comment to Fantasy Football In The Workplace

  • Kate  says:

    First thought- Holy hell Drew blarghed. 😉
    Second thought- wowsers. I can kind of see the appeal though; I know I blog too much or read other blogs way too much at work some days. I don’t consider it a time waster, but I know that’s what it is.

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