A Day in the Life

Sometimes, one of my blogging friends posts an entry so interesting, intriguing, or fun that I just have to steal it. This morning, Kate over at Faded Words posted an entry mapping out her day, from wake up to bed time. I figured this would give me the opportunity to go through my “average” day, and explain what exactly it is that a property manager does.

07:21: Radio alarm comes on, I listen to Opie and Anthony for a few minutes.
07:30: Actual alarm goes off, bringing the reality of another day full of fun and excitement.

07:39, 07:48, 07:57: Alarm goes off after subsequent mashing of snooze button.
07:58: Throw clothes for the day on the bed, go to bathroom.
08:00: Finish morning stare into mirror, get into shower.
08:24: Out of shower, dry off, do hair, apply deodorant, etc.
08:30: Check email, Facebook, MySpace, catch up on quick responses.
08:40: Leave for work.
09:00: Arrive at work. Slump into chair and stare at new pile of paperwork on desk. Spend the next few minutes organizing this incoming pile, going through work email, etc. If anyone interrupts me during this time, they face the absolute certainty of a roundhouse kick.
09:15: Catch up with coworkers on previous nights events. Go through voice mail from previous night, prioritize.
09:30: Return most important and relevant phone calls of day. This can take almost no time or an incredibly large amount of time, depending on the day and number of messages. Many of these calls relate to applications for apartments, scheduling showings for apartments, and things of that nature.
10:15: Begin working on whatever “special projects” I am working on. I double as the office IT person, so I often spend this time fixing this or that, researching a new product, etc.
10:45: Caffeine injection.
11:00: Continue with projects.
13:00: Normally I’ll try to grab lunch at this point. If I don’t get a chance to grab lunch, I become really crabby in the afternoon.
13:15: Start processing new applications for apartments, follow up on applications already in process, handle incoming information relating to those applications, etc. Application processing takes up a HUGE portion of my day. Finding the RIGHT tenant for a unit is sometimes a daunting task.
16:00: Hopefully at this point I am done with applications, so I have a chance to confirm appointments for the next day.
16:30: Catch up on emails and things that have been ignored while I work on other tasks.
17:00: Try to get out of work, usually this ends up taking a bit longer than expected. Usually 17:30 at the latest.
18:00: Hopefully home from work. Make some dinner of some sort, relax, read.
23:00: Bed. Live to fight another day.

I can see so many flaws in my day. I’d be much more effective if I was only processing applications at one point. Instead, my day ends up being splattered with the collateral damage of people calling in regarding their applications, needing status updates, etc.

In addition, I need to start getting up earlier in the AM. I want to have time to work out and have a decent breakfast. Unfortunately, hitting the snooze button several times is not conductive to this sort of lifestyle. If I could force myself into getting up at like 06:30, I would have so much more time in my day to do things like exercise and eat a decent breakfast.

The other problem I face is eating a decent lunch. I don’t really take a lunch break, so my lunches are generally crammed down my throat while I work, checking and replying to email, working on a project, or handling some other request.

What are your tips for getting up early and eating decent meals at work? Comment with ideas.

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One comment to A Day in the Life

  • Kate  says:

    I get up at 6 every day, but I have to be at work by 7:50. I usually get there at 7:20 so I have time to do some things before my day really begins. I’m a morning person, so getting up early isn’t an issue. As for eating good meals… I just build it into my day. Breakfast is very important for me to function, and my lunch break is a really important time as well. It’s a matter of getting into the habit and prioritizing. :)

    Yay you stole my entry :)

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