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Site Update

Ok, so I didn’t post anything last week. I was spending time behind the scenes prepping the new site theme for roll out. This week I should be back on schedule with a Landlord Basic entry on Monday, and entries on Wednesday and Friday as well!

If you notice any issues with the new theme (other than the Twitter status not working – I’m working on it!) please let me know!

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Site Updates

This is just a quite note about the site.  I’m in the process of adding more functionality.  Assuming everything is configured correctly, my Twitter should now update whenever I add a new blog post, so you can be on the edge of your seats clicking with anticipation!  Are you following me on Twitter?  If not, you should be! [click]

In addition, I have added a “Stumble This” button to every post.  If you like a particular post, and are a StumbleUpon user, click the button and gelp generate a little extra traffic to the site for me (please?)

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Twitter Update

I’m finishing up some side projects that have been keeping me busy, and studying for my state Real Estate Agent exam. I did want to point out one fun but ultimately useless feature that I have added to the site.

On the left sidebar, I have added a Twitter. Twitter, for those who are uninitiated, is a tool that lets you update your “status” on the fly, from the web or a SMS enabled phone. So now you can all know what my random thought of the moment is. If you get a Twitter of your own and follow me, I’ll be sure to add you back so we can all stay “in the loop”.

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