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Part Three of the marketing an apartment series focuses on using marketing key terms to help bring in leads for showings.  Part 1 covered how to list an apartment for rent on Craig’s List and is available here.  Part two was a video tutorial showing how to list the apartment on Craig’s List and is available here.

As I was writing this article, I realized that many of the terms I use when marketing an apartment can also be used when marketing a home, so I have expanded the list to include terms that buyers look for when searching for a new home as well.  This list is by no means the be all end all, and I will probably add more to it over time or create an additional list in another post, but these terms will give you a general guide to get started.

Keep in mind that different words will effect the length of time an apartment or home will sit on the market and the price it will rent or sell for.  This gets deeper into buyer psychology, which is not something I am an expert in.  I may however do some further research and write a separate post on that sometime in the future.  I have roughly grouped the terms based on the effects I THINK they would have, but as I said, I’m not an expert.

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Video: Marketing Apartments Using Craig’s List

As promised, I have produced a video on marketing apartments using Craig’s List.  I can’t embed the video into this page becaue of its dimensions, but you can view the video at  If you have trouble viewing the video, please contact me.

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Landlord Basics: Marketing An Apartment On Craig’s List

(This post is part of our “Landlord Basics” series, which seeks to help the new landlord / investor understand some of the basics of tenant relations and property management.  You can view the rest of the series here.)

Marketing your properties can be one of the bigger challenges you face as a landlord / investor.  There are a lot of sites on the internet that offer the ability to post your apartment, either free or for a fee.  However, the one site that I see continued success in using is Craig’s List.  Their website is free to post apartment listings on (in most areas) and I see a pretty good response in the Buffalo area using their service.  They are located at  Once you are on the site you can navigate to your state and then city using the navigation bar on the right side of the screen.

I’ve released a video showing how to add an actual apartment listing to their site.  I have also released a list of “marketing buzzwords” that you can use to spice up your ad.  But for now I want to discuss the meat of your ad.

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